My good friend Suze and her man, Ben, are engaged! I am honored to be the one they have asked to capture their wedding celebrations this July. There is also a little added pressure because Suze is a talented photographer herself, specialising in weddings and portraiture ( )

They met several years ago in New Zealand, but Ben actually lives in Canada, and Suze in the UK, but just to add to the worldwide theme, Suze is actually South African, making this quite the interational wedding! The engagement shoot day also happened to be the first time Ben has been to London (he was on his first trip to the UK too!) so I encouraged them to have their photos taken in Greenwich so we could also show Ben some of London’s best sights, we took the ‘Thames clipper’ along the river from Waterloo so he could have a quick glance at all the other landmarks along the river on the way.

We were very lucky with the weather, the sun came out after being in hiding for weeks and gave us some lovely warm light for the photoshoot!

Suze and Ben - blog 1

Suze and Ben - blog 2

Suze and Ben -29

Suze and Ben -13_v2_s

Suze and Ben - blog 3

Suze and Ben -160

Suze and Ben -176

Suze and Ben -162

Suze and Ben -133

  1. Thanks for the pictures, they are very beautiful.
    Looking forward to seeing sights of the UK this coming July.
    Paul and Carmen

    Ben's mom & dad
  2. Hi Ben,

    Lovely photos, you and Suze look very happy and in love. I am very happy for you. Congratulations on your engagement Ben and Suze.

    Tante Joanne.

    Joanne Joly
  3. Congradulation for your engagement, hope to meet you soon Suze !!!!!!
    Love is in the air for sure !!!!!! , love xxoo the Rainville’s

    Tante Martine and uncle Guy Rainville
  4. Congrats Ben and Suzanne on your engagement! Very happy for you both :)

    Guylaine, Matt and Jérôme

    Guylaine Rainville

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